At this point in his illustrious career, there probably aren't many awards and accolades left for Bruce Springsteen to collect -- but the latest tribute to the Boss is really something special.

According to comic writer Grant Morrison, who's spearheading the upcoming reboot of DC's 'Action Comics' title, Superman's new look was inspired by none other than Springsteen himself.

As Morrison explained in a recent interview, "He’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt — a Bruce Springsteen version of Superman. That’s the angle we’re taking. The cape’s still indestructible but the rest is picked up in a shop."

And the similarities don't stop there. "I want to make Superman a more contemporary character," Morrison added. "We’ll be changing how he looks, dresses and behaves. He’ll be more like the Superman who appeared in 1938 -- more socially active and a champion of the oppressed."

The new 'Action Comics,' which is part of DC's ambitious company-wide reboot of 52 titles, debuts September 7.

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