During their morning walk to school in Dublin, Georgia, 11-year-old Maleik Carr and his 5-year-old sister Jalia have to pass a neighbor's yard that houses two unchained, but fenced-in, pit bulls. On Monday disaster struck, as something had made a large hole in the fence over the weekend. When the dogs saw the siblings coming they darted through the hole and began attacking Jalia.

Maliek immediately sprung into action, kicking the vicious canines and allowing his sister to escape. Of course, that meant the dogs turned on him, and they began biting his legs. Luckily Maliek was able to grab a small chair that was nearby, and he hit the snarling pit bulls with it, giving him enough time to jump another fence to safety.

Maliek's legs were chewed up pretty bad, and another one of his sister's drove him to the hospital. He's stitched up and recovering now.

Maliek's parents are obviously upset by their boy's injuries, and they have questions as to how the dogs were able to escape. But they are also proud of the way Maliek protected his little sister. Their son is a hero.

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