You may have heard that 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' had a ridiculously huge opening weekend at the box office. You may not have heard, though, what people were saying as they left the theater after seeing this cinematic masterpiece.  Well, we're here to fill you in on what fans were muttering:

1. "I haven’t seen this many girls in one place since Vassar’s open house."

2. "Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob. I’m Team Large Popcorn with Extra Butter."

3. "This is a landmark movie. I’m pretty sure I saw Kristen Stewart smile in it."

4. "Prince William and Kate Middleton really should’ve used the wedding planner Bella and Edward hired."

5. "I really need to get a girlfriend so I can say the only reason I'm seeing 'Twilight' is my girlfriend made me."

6. "I haven’t seen a group of young people with this many problems since 'Degrassi.'"

7. "If Edward and Jacob could’ve somehow put their differences aside, maybe they could’ve stopped Adam Sandler from making 'Jack and Jill.'"

8. "If Justin Bieber had been in this movie, the screaming from the audience would’ve broken the sound barrier."

9. "I’m pretty sure the planet is getting too warm only because it clearly can’t handle how hot Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are."

10. "Is it weird that I’m the only man over the age of 30 here?"

11. "That was pretty good. I wonder if other teenage girls think so, too."

12. "Bella and Edward's love is timeless. If Demi and Ashton saw this movie, they'd definitely make up."

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