Choosing a good movie shouldn't be as tough as choosing a good doctor, but, unfortunately, not every flick leaves you feeling satisfied. Even with reviews, solid box office figures and word of mouth, figuring out what flick to watch is actually pretty hit or miss.

However, there are some ways to tell if the movie you’re about to see won’t be good:

1. Eddie Murphy is in it instead of only providing his voice.

2. The guy who rips your ticket says, “Really?”

3. Your girlfriend breaks up with you after you told her you rented it.

4. When you walk into the theater, the people walking out say, “Really?”

5. The title is followed by the words “Part 3” or any other number higher than that.

6. When you make your selection, the Redbox kiosk says, “Really?”

7. It’s got subtitles. If you wanted to read, you’d get a Kindle.

8. When Netflix sends the DVD to you, it comes with a warning usually seen on cigarettes.

9. The seat in front of you has a vomit bag in the back of it.

10. It’s a home movie on 8mm with no sound. Even if you’re in it, it’s boring.

11. After the last coming attraction, a message appears on screen reminding you this is your last chance to back out.

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