August is here, and that means you only have a month left of summer. Where did the time go?

There were so many things you were planing on doing this summer. What happened? Summer is almost over and you'd better start creating some awesome memories, so here are 10 things left to do before it's time to pack up your cooler, toss the flip-flops in the closet and put away the sunscreen for the season.

1. Offer to sublet your place to Robert Pattinson. He needs a place to live.

2. Go on all the roller coasters at Six Flags and make a "serious face" in all the photos.

3. Cover your little brother in cotton candy and sick your candy-loving pit bull on him.

4. Catch a jarful of fireflies, and then empty them in your sister's bedroom.

5. Eat a meal at Chick-fil-A to see just how good it is before you take sides in the controversy.

6. Eat funnel cake until you hurl.

7. Be the person who saw 'Katy Perry: Part of Me.'

8. Bury your friend in the sand, and forget to dig him out at the end of the day.

9. Actually go whale watching instead of people watching at Walmart.

10. Get so inspired by Ryan Lochte that you can actually swim a lap in a pool without having to stop catch your breath.

11. Learn how to properly pronounce Ryan Lochte. Is it Locked? Lock-tay? Locht-tuh?

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