Since so many people are moving out of their homes these days due to the tough economy, ghosts can enjoy the solitude of living all alone without the pesky living causing any trouble.

One couple, however, interrupted a spirit’s relative tranquility by daring to move into their home. The ghost allegedly responding by frightening the poor couple so badly that they sued their landlord for making them sign a lease for a haunted home. So if you’re in the market for a rental property, keep an eye out for these details in the fine print.

1. Advanced deposit required for carpet cleaning due to “accidents” that may occur, even though they don’t allow pets.

2. Moving into the house automatically earns you royalties for the next ‘Paranormal Activity’ sequel.

3. Apartment bylaws forbid loud music, TVs or “shrieking” after 2 a.m.

4. Management will not be held responsible for faulty appliances that try to attack you.

5. Any work done must be done in the presence of a state certified contractor, a federally licensed building inspector or a Vatican trained exorcist.

6. The water bill will include a separate charge for hot and cold holy water.

7. Residents must give 30 days notice before they plan to run screaming from the property in the middle of the night in fear for their very lives.

8. The entire lease is written in tongues.

9. Bleeding walls are considered painted.

10. It presumes you’re going to have a roommate whether you are or not.

11. The basement may only be used for storing boxes, furniture and the graves of Native American ancestors.

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