Don't be bummed that summer is over. Fall is pretty awesome.

You get to dress warmer, watch horror movies and eat lots of food.  The leaves start to turn, and the air smells fresher. There are so many exciting things to do in autumn, so get ready. Here are 10 things we're excited to do this fall.

1. Run after the neighborhood children with a chainsaw wearing a Jason mask.

2. Go to town on a pumpkin patch by smashing every pumpkin in sight.

3. Make a gigantic pile of leaves and put a trampoline in the middle.

4. Make a jack-o-lantern that looks like Mitt Romney.

5. Instead of just making caramel apples, experiment with other foods like bacon.

6. Deep fry a turducken without setting the porch on fire.

7. Watch the game in that underground man cave your wife doesn't know about.

8. Dress up like a scarecrow, stand in random field and scare innocent pedestrians walking by.

9. Watch Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to see which one dupes the American people better into thinking we should vote for them.

10. Give out Halloween candy dressed as Frank from 'Donnie Darko.'

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