Technology is a great thing. It has given us endless amounts of information right at our fingertips. The more technology that comes along the easier our lives become.

Technology has become our security blanket, and we're not going to let go any time soon.

Maybe, just maybe you're a little too dependent on your technology, though. Can't put your phone down for an hour? Does your GPS guide you wherever you go? You might need to step away from your technological accessories.  Here are 10 signs you're too dependent on technology.

1. You find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to tweet about the nightmare you just had.

2. Your eye won't stop twitching until you check your Facebook newsfeed.

3. You can't get from your home to your mailbox without using Google Maps.

4. You can't spell anything without spellcheck.

5. You're engaged to your MacBook Pro.

6. You cry uncontrollably when you accidentally leave your cell phone at home.

7. You refuse to watch any television that isn't in high definition.

8. You fire your DVR when it fails to record your favorite show.

9. When your Kindle Fire breaks you wonder HOW you will EVER finish the book you were reading.

10. You've mistaken your Roomba for the family pet.

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