It's everyone's fear. You have it, we have it -- but it's inevitable. One day you're going to look at yourself and realize that you've turned into what you hate the most...your parents.

Once adulthood digs its dirty claws into you there is no escape from this terrible fate.

We're not saying your parents are terrible people. They took care of you and made you the wonderful person that you are. Turning into them, however, is pretty terrifying. There are things  you can look out for, though!  Here are 10 signs you're turning into your parents.

1. You've found yourself packing lunches for your roommates complete with "I hope you're having a wonderful day sweetie!" Post-it notes.

2. You start to find mom jeans strangely appealing.

3. You actually think 'NCIS' is a good show.

4. You and your significant other believe that a Sunday matinee and a nap is the perfect date.

5. You find yourself saying the words "fiscal responsibility" more times than you care to admit.

6. You have an irrational hatred for Obamacare.

7. Instead of telling your friend they have something on their face, your first instinct is to lick your thumb and rub it off yourself.

8. You've purchased a La-Z-Boy easy chair.

9. You're constantly yelling, "Get off my lawn!" to the neighborhood children.

10. Martha Stewart is your hero.