Easter is right around the corner, one of the more kid-oriented holidays on the calendar. It features colorful eggs, a giant talking rabbit and more candy than even a Cadbury executive could stomach.

Some parents, however, can get too wrapped up in the spirit of the holiday for their children. Here are some clues that maybe your parents need to tone it down a notch:

  1. Your dad dresses up as a giant bunny and hops around the yard—in the middle of December.
  2. You only brought back three eggs from the Easter egg hunt and had to spend a night in “the hole.”
  3. A hollow, chocolate Easter bunny was part of your mom’s turducken recipe.
  4. Your parents ask the priest after mass why his Bible doesn’t talk about the Easter Bunny bringing Skittles to the Last Supper.
  5. After your parents hide Easter eggs around the house for a hunt, you still occasionally find one six years later.
  6. They keep asking you if the Easter Bunny brought you candy because you were a good boy—but you’re 35.
  7. They take jellybeans instead of their anti-psychotic medication.
  8. Your dad carries all of his important papers to work in a basket lined with plastic grass.
  9. Your mom’s big Easter bonnet has reversed the rise of global warming.
  10. While watching cartoons, your dad gets way too excited when Bugs Bunny tries to trick Elmer Fudd by dressing like a woman.

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