The working class is being stretched thinner than a pair of Capri pants on the guy who plays Mike on ‘Mike & Molly.’ If hiring doesn’t start soon, employees are going to suffer a full-on breakdown that could grind the workforce to a halt.

Sure, unemployment might be slowly turning around, but businesses and companies across the country have had to double up their efforts on the job and stick people with extra responsibilities for the same salary. They are one recession away from surgically attaching employees at the hip so they only have to count them as one person on the payroll. Here are some signs that you need to take a personal day from the office.

1. Big Problem: You constantly take your work home with you. Bigger Problem: You’re a  hairdresser for a funeral parlor.

2. Forty percent of your blood is printer toner.

3. You think ‘Office Space’ is a documentary.

4. After tucking your kids in for bed, you berate them for not tipping you.

5. Productivity is up 210 percent and the only other guy in the office has only been working on a way to get free Funyuns from the vending machine.

6. You ask your wife if she doesn’t mind if you do a little “collating” in bed and she’s disappointed to learn you meant “with paper.”

7. The only thing you’ve eaten in the last three days is Post-It Notes.

8. Your boss’ request that you take a personal day involved a SWAT team and a FBI hostage negotiator.

9. You’ve given the office photocopier a girl’s name.

10. You don’t work for Congress.

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