Reality television isn't going anywhere anytime soon. As much as we hate to admit it we're addicted to this genre of television. We love the fights. We can't wait to see the stupidity,and we cheer every time a cast member gets embarrassingly drunk.

Some of our old standbys are returning this fall, and there will be a few new shows thrown into the mix. We're so excited to see what quality American television programming throws our way. We can't help but wonder what crazy ideas network executives will come up with next, but we're sure there are a few shows that will never see the inside of a TV Guide.  Here are 10 reality shows you won't see premiering this fall.

1. 'Love in a Volcano'

2. 'The Jersey Shore Goes to Wimbledon'

3. 'Extreme Makeover: Pet Edition'

4. 'The Bachelor: Gary Busey'

5. 'America's Next Top Accountant'

6. 'So You Think You Can Yodel'

7. 'Keeping up with the Kevorkians'

8. 'The Real World: Compton'

9. 'The Christopher Walken Variety Show'

10. 'The Hamster Whisperer'