The beginning of June brings warm weather, new flowers and less joyfully, the start of hurricane season.

The good news is that unlike a lot of other national disasters, we know about hurricanes before they hit. This means we usually have some time to prepare and make sure that we're ready to weather the storm. Unlike joining the mobs clearing out bottled water at the local grocery store, some preparations can be done from the comfort of your home, using nothing more than your phone. Below are 10 apps that you can download to make sure this hurricane season doesn't blow.


Make sure you're ready for any possible disaster with this app from Fema. It includes emergency checklists, safety tips and a map of FEMA disaster recovery locations so you can make sure you have a good plan in case of a storm.

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iHurricane HD

This free app allows you to track multiple hurricanes on an interactive map and its geolocation ability will update you on how many miles you are from a storm at any given moment. It also gives you access to satellite maps and even provides you with historical information on past storms in the region.

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According to the local news, every upcoming storm is the next "big one." Get the straight information without the ratings grab right from the source. This app from the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration provides you with no frills updates and satellite information on the latest storms.

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Flashlight by Rik

When the storm hits, don't be caught in the dark! When the power goes out, it can be a lot easier to remember where your phone is than where you stored the candles. With a flashlight app at your fingertips, you can use your phone to guide your way and make sure you move about safely in the darkness.

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It's scary enough when storms hit on land -- if you're at sea it can be a matter of life and death. The SeaStorm app tracks storms and also provides the mariner with marine maps, sea surface temperatures and wave height analysis to make sure you're in for smooth sailing.

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Need to stock up on supplies? Get some gas? Make a last minute trip to the pharmacy to update your first aid kit? The Poynt app will let you know where the closest needed business is and the turn by turn directions will make sure you get there easily.

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Storm Shield

This app tracks where you are and where the storms are. If there is an emergency alert for your area, the Storm Shield app will send voice and push notifications to make sure you're updated. The app will even wake you up in the middle of the night to make sure you're aware of any potentially dangerous situations.

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Shelter View

In the worst case scenario, it can ease your mind to know where the nearest help is. Red Cross operates this app which locates the nearest open shelter and will tell you the capacity of the center, the current population and the exact location and address so you can quickly and easily find a safe place.

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ICE Emergency Contact

Hurricanes can create dangerous situations, with potential for power outages, broken glass and other unforeseen hazards. The ICE app stores all of your medical information and puts your emergency contacts at the touch of a single button. It also has GPS and can alert rescue workers and contacts where you are should you need help.

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Battery Boost Magic App

With all of the ways your phone can help you during a storm emergency, you might struggle not to drain the battery. This app helps you manage your usage and gives you tips to conserve the battery life so that when you really need your phone, it's charged and ready to go.

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