The Zac Brown Band sold more than one million copies of their 'You Get What You Give' album, dominated the radio with three hit singles, and toured like crazy. However, it doesn't look like they're taking a break any time soon. In fact, they're planning to start their next album.

"We’re going to get into the studio pretty soon," bassist John Driskell Hopkins told Taste of Country during a recent interview. "Probably [in] November, at least, to start working out the new ideas and getting all the new songs down. [We will] start playing a few of them in our set [soon]. Some of them still have to be completed and some have to be arranged. We hope to be recording by December."

The group is also busy supporting the artists on the roster for Brown's self-run label Southern Ground Artists, including Sonia Leigh, whose latest release '1978 December' reached store shelves last month. Upcoming projects for the label include new albums from Levi Lowrey and Nic Cowan.

"All four of us got involved in the production of all three of those records, just out of necessity in making them all," Hopkins explained. "In order to do them all efficiently, we started them all at roughly the same time, and they all were finished within close intervals of each other. So that was a good idea on Zac’s part."

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