Kenneth Ray Manis won't rest in peace just yet.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee man died earlier this month, but his body will be dug up so officials can retrieve a set of dentures belonging to another man who recently shared a hospital room with him, leaving the roomie with teeth not properly sized for his mouth.

The roommate will get the dentures back after a "petition for disinterment and reburial" was presented.

Parkridge Medical Center is behind the snafu. The hospital admits it took the wrong dentures, which were placed in his Manis' coffin after he died, although the teeth were not actually placed in his mouth. Instead, they were slipped into a case along with other personal items.

Manis' roommate discovered his choppers had been placed in the casket for all of eternity shortly after Manis was buried.

How exactly does one allow their teeth to wind up in someone else's possession? Good question. In this instance, it seems no one realized the dentures didn't belong to the dearly departed.

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