Pretty much everyone knows by now that the US has a real obesity problem -- even aircraft manufacturers like Airbus. In response, the company is now offering airlines the option to equip its new planes with extra-wide seats.

On a typical plane, there are usually two aisles, with each row containing six seats that are 18 inches wide. But Airbus is making available a different configuration: the same two aisles, but with only four seats in each row, and those roomy chairs will be 20 inches wide instead.

Tellingly, only US airlines have expressed interest in the alternate layout.

But before even the slender among you get excited about the bigger seats, remember this: the planes hold fewer people, so airlines will charge more for each trip. Analysts think those higher prices could wind up padding airline coffers to the tune of $3 million over a 15-year time span.

"These seats are not meant just for overweight passengers," said Airbus' aircraft interiors director Zuzana Hrnkova. "Mothers with children may be ready to pay a little more in order to be able to keep their babies in their lap, and large football players may be interested."

Linebackers, your flight has arrived.

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