Getting a good night’s sleep is priceless, right?

Well, British mattress manufacturer Savoir Beds is about to unleash a bed whose outrageous cost will definitely keep you up at night.

The company has announced plans to make a limited edition “Royal Bed” that comes with an insomnia-inducing price tag of $175,000.

Alistair Hughes, the company’s managing director, says the steep price makes sense:

It's an investment that pays off every morning of your life."

As you have probably already figured out, this is hardly your run-of-the-mill Sleepy’s mattress. It will take more than 700 hours to create just one. Each will feature curled Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and over 1,600 miles worth of woven silk in an attempt to provide customers the kind of rest they don’t usually get until they’re dead and buried.

If that’s not enough to entice you, your mattress can also be crafted as firm as you's like and feature your initials or your family crest so the people who curl up with you know just how ostentatious you are.

Britain’s Royal School of Needlework will help put the mattress together. That school does indeed have royal pedigree flowing through its comforters, since it also worked on Princess Kate’s wedding dress.

Only 60 beds – all of which come up a 25-year guarantee -- will be made. If you do order one, don’t expect to get it for about four months, which should be the amount of time you’ll go without a good night's sleep while you try to figure out where exactly you’ll come up with the cash to pay for your new bed.

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