People who love social media really love it -- and a new poll shows just what they'd be willing to do before they'd consider giving it up.

A Harris Interactive survey of 2,000 US adults conducted for social networking management service discovered that nearly 40 percent of respondents would rather do any number of unpleasant things than relinquish their social media accounts.

What types of things? Get a root canal, for one. Cleaning a gym's shower drains, reading 'War and Peace,' and sitting in traffic for hours while listening to polka music also made the list.

The poll also revealed that two-thirds of social media addicts are beholden to sites like Facebook and Twitter because they're afraid they'll miss something if they aren't constantly monitoring their accounts -- and among single people, that number jumps to 75 percent.

But not all social networks are the same. On some sites we're more "voyeurs," observing more than we post, while on others, we're more likely to share things ourselves and become part of the show.

"Surprisingly enough, while everyone knows different social networks serve different purposes, the way people are using sites to consume or share content doesn't fall in line with what we might expect," said Jeff Tinsley, MyLife's CEO. "Facebook was passed by Foursquare as the primary place people share content, and newcomer Pinterest edged out the social media giant when it came to the site where users equally share in both activities."

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