As the theory goes, when a dog lives for 26 years, he’s actually lived the equivalent of 182 people years. That’s a long time for anyone and it was a long time for Pusuke, the world's oldest dog, who passed away Monday.

The old pooch, an adorable mix of midget Shiba and an unidentified mixed-breed, was named the World’s Oldest Dog by The Guinness Book of World Records last year. He resided in Japan with his human companion Yumiko Shinohara, a 42-year-old housewife.

Shinohara said Pusuke had been in good spirits, eating regularly and taking his normal walks on Monday. He later refused to eat and had some difficulty breathing. According to his owner, the pup died peacefully on Monday afternoon after she returned from running some errands.

“I think Pusuke waited for me to come home,” Shinohara said. The faithful dog lived a long life and Shinohara is thankful for the many good memories he has given her throughout the years.

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