The price was definitely not right.

A postal worker from North Carolina has been busted for worker’s comp fraud after she was spotted spinning the big wheel on ‘The Price Is Right’ after claiming an on-the-job injury prohibited her from lifting mail trays.

An indictment stated Cathy Wrench Cashwell spun the wheel twice. The indictment, filed in September of last year, stated Cashwell, “raised her left arm above her head and gripped the handle with her left hand." On her next spin, she "raised both arms above her head and gripped the same handle with both hands." It’s unclear if she won.

Cashwell further hurt her cause when she was spotted ziplining on a cruise and carrying her own groceries.

In August 2010, the indictment alleges, Cashwell and her husband went ziplining as part of a Carnival Cruise vacation. She was also seen lifting and carrying furniture and bags of groceries with both arms on two different occasions in 2011.

She'll be sentenced in September.

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