When times get hard, it sometimes becomes necessary to unload valuable possessions as a means for getting over the hump, so to speak. However, when financial desperation forces you to sell your non-vital organs just to pay the rent, maybe it's time to get a part-time job or something.

Strangely enough, this seemingly odd financial strategy is how one Spanish mother plans to avoid being evicted from her home. The 44-year-old mother of one is selling one kidney, a lung, her corneas and a piece of her liver because she says she is so broke that she can no longer afford to pay her bills.

"I just need to do what I can for my daughter—her life is what's most important. I don't care about my own any more," said the unidentified woman. "I started off trying to sell a kidney, but now I'm not just selling that. I'm also selling my corneas, one of my lungs and a piece of my liver."

The kicker to this bizarre affair is that her act of desperation crosses the line between doing what needs to be done and illegal organ trafficking, an offense that carries a prison term of 12 years if she is convicted. However, because she says she is not able to work and only receives $542 a month in disability benefits, that's a risk she is willing to take.

The woman who claims her body parts are “the only thing she can raise money from.” She says all she ever wanted was a home, a job and enough money to support her daughter. "I will sell whatever piece of my body that someone wants to buy, and I am selling it out of desperation," she said.

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