Laura Smith didn’t get a massage, but she was still rubbed the wrong way.

The 31-year-old woman claims the National Healing Center, in Aurora, Colorado, refused to give her a massage last month because she is too fat.

The owner of the spa, Penny Wells, allegedly told Smith, “I'm really sorry, but you're just too fat for our table. You'll probably break [it] and have to pay for it.'"

Smith, who stands at six-foot-three and weighs 250 pounds, couldn’t believe what she heard:

I was just kind of in shock. When it sunk in, I just started to cry, then I grabbed my stuff and left."

Smith also says she later learned the tables are built to hold up to 500 pounds, although Wells said one of her tables buckled under a man weighing 165 pounds, which is what spurred on her concern about Smith.

Smith was looking forward to the massage as a kind of reward after running a half-marathon the day before. She said, "I shouldn't have to expect to be treated poorly. I just ran a half-marathon. I just did something amazing. For somebody to be rude to me after that is just not okay.”


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