This is a different kind of food network star.

A woman in South Korea named Park Seo-yeon makes up to $9,000 a month by letting people watch her eat online. Makes you wonder if she takes time off for lunch

It’s all part of a growing trend in the country called ‘gastronomic voyeurism.’ Park, also known as the Diva, chows down for up to three hours a day while curious onlookers show their appreciation in the form of virtual balloons, which result in a financial payment.

Park, 34, thinks she knows why her show has hit a nerve:

People enjoy the vicarious pleasure when they can't eat this much or find that food at night or are on a diet. Loneliness is another crucial factor. The show is addictive as you can communicate with thousands of people at home.’

The gig has proven so lucrative that Park has been able to quit her day job at a consulting company without even thinking about carrying one of those embarrassing 'Will eat for food' signs you often see the homeless tooling around (oh, wait -- that's 'Will work for food').

She is definitely a pioneer in the field – there are now about 3,500 people starring in similar shows. It's the perfect job for someone who's starving -- for a big meal and a big paycheck.