One of the last surviving members of the Munchkin gang seen in the classic film 'The Wizard of Oz' has died.

Karl Slover, who played several roles in the Judy Garland film, including the lead trumpeter, a soldier and a townsperson, died of cardiopulmonary arrest in Georgia on Tuesday. He was 93.

Besides 'The Wizard of Oz,' Slover appeared in several movies and TV shows, including 'Bringing Up Baby,' 'Block-Heads,' and 'The Terror of Tiny Town.' His last role was in the 1945 drama 'Lost Weekend,' where he played a baby, even though he was around 27 at the time.

After leaving the movie business, he continued to appear in various stage and carnival shows, and would also pop up on TV talking about 'The Wizard of Oz.' He appeared at the 2007 unveiling of the Hollywood Walk of Fame star dedicated to the Munchkins.

Slover, whose real name was Karl Kosiczky, performed in shows all of his life. In fact, he performed in one this past weekend in Chicago.

With Slover's death, only three Munchkins from the film now survive.

[Associated Press via Yahoo News]

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