Hiking boots are making a comeback, but still too many people wear the wrong foot attire for the winter (Hint: UGG boots aren't proper snow shoes, ladies). If you're the kind of person who enjoys excursions out into the cold outdoors, you should know that nothing ruins a hike like numb toes and soggy socks. Here are five appropriate boots for both men and women to keep feet warm and dry.

  • Timberland, Cabelas.com
    Timberland, Cabelas.com

    Women's White Ledge Hikers

    Timberland, $99.99

    These are simple, strong boots built to keep your feet in good shape on extended hikes. The White Ledge Hikers make use of full-grain waterproof leather and protective coverings for your heels and toes. For the relatively low price, these Timberland boots offer the avid hiker an awful lot of features. They also make a great present for the outdoorsy woman in the family.

  • Chameleon Arc 2, Merrell.com
    Chameleon Arc 2, Merrell.com

    Women's Chameleon Arc 2 Rival Waterproof Boots

    Merrell, $145

    These waterproof boots deliver stability, warmth and comfort, all in one package. The boots come with a robust Vibram rubber sole. They are lightweight in design, with substantial air cushioning beneath the heels. You can count on these boots to last, thanks to a sturdy construction of full grain leather and a breathable, waterproof membrane. Perfect for hiking in the woods, or across a small mountaintop.

  • Vasque Taku, Rei.com
    Vasque Taku, Rei.com

    Vasque Taku GTX Men's Hiking Boots

    Rei, $165

    The Vasque Taku GTX boots are lightweight, durable and waterproof. With the reinforced rubber toe shields, thick leather and Gore-Tex® lining, you’ll be happy you made this purchase. Your feet will thank you or the kind soul who bought these boots for you when you’re climbing across the hills or tramping through the forest.

  • Asolo, Sunandski.com
    Asolo, Sunandski.com

    TPS 520 GV Backpacking Boots

    Asolo, $199.93

    These are some hardcore, all-purpose hiking boots. The hard rubber sole, water-resistant leather and Gore-Tex® lining will ensure that these boots stand the test of time, as well as a sound pounding from Mother Nature. Asolo is one name guaranteed to provide some of the best protection for your feet around.

  • Wilderness Canyon, Merrell.com
    Wilderness Canyon, Merrell.com

    Wilderness Canyon

    Merrell, $200.00

    These tough leather boots boast impact absorption beneath the heel and toe, a very comfortable design, strong ankle support, rivets tucked under the lining to keep them from bumping against your feet, and many other features meant to enhance the fit and feel. The boots are light and water tight, but like most shoes, they will probably need a break-in period before you can take them out into the wild.

  • Danner, jcrew.com
    Danner, jcrew.com

    Mountain Light II

    Danner for J. Crew, $330

    Don't worry fashionista and fashionisto hikers, we've got you covered. Danner, the brand that's been providing loggers with footwear since 1932, has partnered with J. Crew to bring you the Mountain Light II for the style-conscious adventurer. It's waterproof stitch-down construction seals off your feet from all levels of wetness, while the red laces and suede exterior will make you look cooler than everyone else.

  • L.L. Bean
    L.L. Bean

    San Rocco Boot

    L.L. Bean Signature, $375

    L.L. Bean is widely known for crafting clothes and footwear with an New England-outdoors feel, and it's Signature line is no exception. The San Rocco boot is great for all kinds of terrain, from uneven hills to slippery slopes. Plus, you won't have to avoid the shallow puddles because of the rubber sole.

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