In this day and age celebrities rule the world. They are everywhere and have become more than just spectators when it comes to sports. Now they also own teams.

It use to be that you could find celebrities like Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee sitting court side to support their team.  However now, it seems like celebrities want to do more than just root on their favorite teams. They also want to own a team. With all the glamor that comes with being in the spotlight, why not invest in something that is super popular in the first place?

Some celebs buy into a particular franchise and let things be. Others like to get involved. Since becoming owner of the Nets, Jay-Z was rumored to bring them to Brooklyn, NY. Turns out that was true. Former President Bush even had some say in the Texas Rangers until 1994. Will Smith even recently became involved with his beloved Philadelphia 76ers. Smith is a devoted fan, so it's unlikely he will be a troublesome owner.

Is it a good thing that celebrities are buying into sports franchises?  It's sort of like the ultimate purchase when you think about it. That or your own island.

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