If you are experiencing things like dropped calls, poor reception and less than desirable download speeds, it is likely because your coverage area is in one of the following metropolitan cities with the shoddiest cell phone signals in the country.

Time magazine recently teamed up with OpenSignalMaps in order to determine exactly which cities in America had the worst cell phone reception.

What they found is if you are using a cell phone in between Fresno and Los Angeles in the town of Bakersfield, California, you are experiencing the absolute worst cell phone reception in the country, followed by those people fighting for signal strength through the Rocky Mountain foliage of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Third place goes to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which experiences poor cell phone reception because the city is spread out over an large area of about 600 square miles, whereas a larger city, such as Los Angeles, only covers roughly 470 square miles.

10 Worst Cities for Cell Phone Reception

1. Bakersfield, California
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Lincoln, Nebraska
Toledo, Ohio
Tucson, Arizona
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jacksonville, Florida
Lexington, Kentucky
Detroit, Michigan

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