The allure of the hamburger has certainly evolved over the last few decades. What used to be sold primarily as fast food fare has now taken on a more grown-up, modern day, gourmet persona.

Today, some hamburgers are made with really expensive, quality beef, and sandwiched in between a slew of eccentric toppings liked shaved truffles and fried duck eggs. However, we’re pretty sure that you can still get a basic hamburger with ketchup only -- after all, this is America!

The real question is where should you go to get the best hamburger in America?

According to a recent survey of Travel and Leisure readers, Providence, Rhode Island is the best place in the country to grab a burger. Other cities that ranked in the top 10 were places like Philadelphia, which moved up from number 22 to this year’s second spot, and Chicago, which checked in at number three.

The survey features 35 major metropolitan areas, which unfortunately did not include some of the burger towns like New Haven, Connecticut or Wichita, Kansas that were crucial to the development of the hamburger.

So, if you do not see your city on the list, don’t be too upset about it. One thing is for sure -- there will never be a lack of quality food for Americans to consume as long as there are hungry Americans.

Top 10 Best Cities To Grab A Burger In America

1. Providence, Rhode Island
2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Houston, Texas
5. San Juan, Puerto Rico
6. San Diego, California
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
8. Kansas City, Missouri
9. New York, New York
10. Los Angeles, California


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