Working 9-5 may be the traditional American workday, but it’s nothing but a myth in some places.

Real estate site Movoto has created a list of the 10 hardest-working cities in America. We don’t know if they burned the midnight oil putting it together, but we do know this somewhat arbitrary study was done using statistics measuring seven factors, including average hours worked per week, unemployment rate, commute time, employed workers per household, hours volunteered per year, lack of sleep and cost of living.

So, what city toils sees its residents slaving away the most under the bright sun, as well as the light of the moon? It’s Seattle, which is bound to have a lot of folks working hard because it has the lowest unemployment rate of all 50 cities included in the study. Maybe that's why there are so many coffee shops there -- people need some java to remain awake to get their jobs done.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and this list proves that also seems to include their responsibilities on the clock. The Lone Star State placed five cities on the list.

And it may be the great barbecue or the music, but it seems people in Memphis have too many other things to do to focus on an honest dollar's pay. The Tennessee city finished at the bottom of the list.

10 Hardest-Working Cities in America

1. Seattle
2. Arlington, Texas
3. Fort Worth
4. Austin
5. San Jose
6. San Francisco
7. Dallas
8. Virginia Beach
9. Washington, DC
10. Houston

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