They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but there are plenty of businesses where people do just that.

The career website polled 42,000 people across a wide array of jobs about their takes on romancing co-workers.

Being a food service manager doesn’t mean you always have to please the customer. It can also mean you’ll meet Mr. or Mrs. Right on the clock. That’s the number one job for finding love at work. And the city where people are most likely to find love on the job? Why, none other than that well-known metropolis of amour – Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Of course, if you’re looking to get ahead, you should try the hotel industry. Lodging manager checked in as the top-ranked job for dating the boss. The city most likely to have people dating their boss is Austin, Texas.

If you just want to have some fun, head to Indianapolis, which tops the list of cities where people have office flings. The top job for an office fling? Artist.

And pity you if you're a dental hygienist in Greenville, South Carolina. That's the number one profession and city for looking down on office romance.

Jobs Where You’re Most Likely to Find Love

1. Food service managers
2. Cooks
3. Dispatchers
4. Advertising and promotions managers
5. Claims adjusters
6. Physicians and surgeons
7. Actors, producers and directors
8. Human resources specialists
9. Mechanics managers
10. Computer and information systems managers

Cities Where You’re Most Likely to Find Love at Work

1. Chattanooga, TN
2. Des Moines, IA
3. Toledo, OH
4. Tucson, AZ
5. Cape Coral, FL
6. Syracuse, NY
7. Albany, NY
8. Madison, WI
9. Tulsa, OK
10. San Antonio, TX

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