The 2012 Summer Olympics are set to begin, and while we are excited for most of the scheduled events, there are a few sports we'd like to see included. Over the years, the Olympic committees has added various events to the list of sports in the games. We aren't exactly sure what criteria needs to be met for it to be an Olympic event, but if curling can make the cut, we're pretty sure anything goes.

There are plenty of things that most of us have been training for our entire lives. Imagine if they made beer pong into a competitive sport. College kids everywhere would have the edge on the rest of the world. Dizzy bat might be an interesting addition. Not sure how much athletic skill would be involved, but it would be interesting to watch.

Let's see if we can't get musical chairs going in the Olympics. We'll make it has intense as rugby, making it a must watch event. Year after year people gather at Nathan's Hot Dogs in Coney Island to watch competitive hot dog eating. Perhaps we should get some medals involved.

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