So, you think you know what to get for Mother’s Day? Think again.

Bust out the construction paper, pipe cleaners and glitter because a new survey of more than 2,100 mothers with kids under the age of 18 found that most moms want a homemade present from their child. A total of 14.6% said they would like homemade gifts.

Coming in second (13.6%) was a day off to enjoy for herself. With 12.9%, spa day took third.

Perhaps most shocking is the fact that 23.6% of mothers said they didn’t receive anything last year – not a gift card, not a prepared dinner, not even a card. And this year, 21.3% of moms are convinced their families won’t spend any money on them this holiday.

As for the worst gifts ever given on Mother’s Day? Well, the list includes some doozies that make you wonder just who is raising these kids. Among the presents are vacuums, jumper cables and, we kid you not, divorce papers.

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