All that fresh mountain air must be a very good thing, because according to a new report from the CDC, Colorado has once again ranked as the thinnest state in the nation.

Colorado was once the only state in the US with an obesity rate lower than 20 percent, and while it can no longer claim that, it still has the lowest obesity rate in the nation at 20.7 percent.

Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, the District of Columbia and California also scored well, with obesity rates of between 21.8 and 23.8 percent.

Southern and Midwestern states didn't fare nearly as well, with 26 of the 30 states with the highest obesity rates falling into those two regions alone. Mississippi's famous fried foods did it no favors -- more than a third of its residents are obese, giving the Magnolia State the dubious honor of being the fattest in the nation.

The most obese states:

1. Mississippi
2. Louisiana
3. West Virginia
4. Alabama
5. Michigan
6. Oklahoma
7. Arkansas
8. (tie) Indiana and South Carolina
10. Kentucky and Texas

The thinnest states:

1. Colorado
2. Hawaii
3. Massachusetts
4. (tie) New Jersey and the District of Columbia
6. California
7. Utah
8. (tie) New York, Connecticut and Nevada

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