It seems that there might be a correlation between long-term unemployment and poor health.

According to the recent Gallup Healthy Behaviors index, unemployed Americans are reportedly less likely to practice good health habits than those who are employed full- or part-time and those who are not in the workforce at all.

The unemployed checked in with the unhealthiest habits, scoring 59.1 on the index, followed by a score of 60.8 by those people who are employed part-time but looking for full-time work.

The poll examines behaviors such as smoking, exercising and eating fruits and vegetables. In all age demographics across the board, the unemployed scored lower than any other age group in the study.

Study implications suggest that unemployed Americans are less likely to make healthy choices in life due to the stress of being out of work, which can lead to misery and depression.

It is also implied that Americans suffering from the perils of being out of work often lean on fast food restaurants for their meals rather than other, healthier dining options.

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