Arizona dominated UCLA when they played Thursday night, but the big news was the large brawl right before halftime that was sparked when a fan streaked across the field.

Just before the end of the first half, at which time the Wildcats were already pummeling the Bruins with a 42-7 lead, the referees threw flags to stop a play. One clever and opportunistic fan, dressed as a referee, entered the field as though to make the penalty call. Just as everyone focused on him, he began to undress and run across the field.

Somehow, this action sparked some pent up aggression in one of the Bruins and he darted across the field to take out his frustration at Arizona’s superior playing on one of the Wildcats. In a matter of moments, both benches emptied and the teams were on the field in a full out brawl.

Eventually, UCLA receiver Taylor Embree and Arizona defensive back Shaquille Richardson were ejected from the game and play continued so Arizona could prove that it was indeed the better team last night.

Arizona, by the way, won the game, 48-12.

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