Tracy Lawrence can put his latest round of legal hassles behind him, as the charges stemming from a recent post-concert brawl between him and the show's promoter have been dismissed.

"The charges being dropped against me pretty much says everything," reflected Lawrence. The district attorney declined to pursue the case against Lawrence, citing a lack of confidence in available evidence, but the charges against the promoter are still pending.

"I really try to be very reserved with my actions these days," Lawrence told The Boot. "I'm a husband and father and I'm not trying to get in trouble, not trying to cause problems in society. I want to be a good role model and influence.

"At the same time," he cautioned, "I'm still a man. I'm not gonna back down when somebody pushes me. As a man, you have to stand up for what's right. I wish it had not progressed to that point. But I'm big enough to walk away at this point. I'm too old to be fighting. I don't need to be doing this."

By Lawrence's own estimation, the case against him was damaged by a statement from another artist on the show's bill, Randy Houser.

"Tracy was asked to cut his set short due to a storm, and then my set was canceled in its entirety due to that severe weather," Houser recalled. "Crazy weather and other acts of God just happen from time to time, and it's exactly why event promoters purchase insurance on their shows. Mr. Cole was upset when his show was forced to cancel, as there was no preparation for the storm."

Houser went on, "All the tour buses were stuck in three-to-six inches of mud on his private property, and it was made very clear that we were on our own. I believe Tracy had a right to speak to Mr. Cole. What happened after that, I don't know, but I will say that Tracy appeared sober and cool-headed right before he walked down to speak with him. I know that Mr. Cole could have handled the situation with much more professionalism than what was demonstrated."

Cole, who maintains his own innocence, started his trial last week.

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