Over the course of his 20-year recording career, Tracy Lawrence has had his share of scrapes, scuffles, and tangles with the law, from his shooting during a 1991 mugging to his 1998 conviction for reckless endangerment and spousal abuse.

Now, thanks to an argument that turned violent after a show over the weekend, he can add a disorderly conduct charge to the list.

Lawrence and his band performed in Bloomville, Ohio on Saturday, and by all accounts, the show went fine -- it was only after the music stopped, and Lawrence found his tour bus blocked in, that things went sour. Apparently, a disagreement developed between Lawrence and the show's promoter, Elmer Cole, Jr., and fisticuffs followed.

Both Lawrence and Cole were admitted to a local hospital to have their injuries checked out. They were also both charged with disorderly conduct, which they'll have to face at the county courthouse at a later date.

Lawrence is touring behind his latest album, 'The Singer,' released in June.

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