Half a century of anything is usually a milestone people take pride in -- unless you're Trace Adkins and you're about to reach your 50th birthday, in which case it's an occasion worth snarling at.

Yes, the 'Just Fishin'' singer will become eligible for full membership in the AARP on January 13. And while he isn't normally much of a birthday person, he knows he can't completely ignore the upcoming big day.

"I'm sure that there will be a party, but it will be none of my doing," he said. "Why is it that to chicks, birthdays are such a huge thing? To me, they're just not. People have to remind me it's my birthday."

Still, he admitted, turning 50 isn't something he can just shrug off. "You know that you're over half done at that point. That's a stark realization."

What drives that realization home for Adkins? Listening to his teenage daughter's favorite music. "She doesn't force feed it to me," he explained, "but I just don't approve of very much of that stuff. I think some of those girls are really bad influences on little girls. I don't think the messages that they have in their songs are good for my little girls to be listening to.

"Of course, I don't let them listen to my music, either," he hastened to add. "But I don't make music for kids. I don't record music and then try to market it to children. There are some girls in pop, and that's what they do. They record nasty songs, and then they market them to my little girls. And that [expletive] ain't right. It's like my daddy said, 'Boy, you keep listening to that [expletive], you're gonna be in prison.'"

Sounds like a few artists definitely won't be on the playlist at Adkins' birthday party in a few months!


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