Each year around the holiday season, popular new toys slip through the fingers of procrastinating parents who just weren't quick enough to get their hands on them before they disappeared from the shelves.

Problem solved.

This year, Toys "R" Us is attempting to help out poor ol' mom and dad by implementing a new holiday reservation system that will permit shoppers to reserve any toy that makes the company’s annual Holiday Hot Toy List before October 31.

Plans to release the free reservation system are set to coincide with Toys "R" Us’ Holiday Hot Toy List in the next few weeks, which will give parents the lowdown on the top 50 predicted bestsellers for this year.

To make reservations for any of the 50 toys, parents will need to visit their local Toys R’ Us store and put down a 20 percent, fully refundable, deposit, with merchandise expected to be claimed no later than December 16, said Albano.

"The program is designed to provide peace of mind to parents and gift-givers and end frantic searching in the days leading up to Christmas,” said Jennifer Albano, a spokesperson for Toys “R” Us. “It’s a great program for those who want to plan ahead.”

While the new reservation system may be helpful to parents, some critics argue that having to visit the store twice is more of an inconvenience than its worth.

Others say the program is useless, since it only appears to cater to those planning to do their holiday shopping prior October 31.

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