A mom of one of the little girls featured on 'Toddlers and Tiaras' is suing several media outlets for "sexualizing" her five-year-old daughter. Shocker! (Seriously, we are kind of shocked.)

The TLC reality show features overly-made-up little girls in tacky beauty pageants, with the parents of those kids often under fire for making their daughters look or act like bar-hopping 20-something-year-olds when they aren't even yet out of elementary school.

One such child, Isabella Barrett, was recently caught on tape singing LMFAO’s 'Sexy and I Know It' alongside her mom, Susanna, at a locale characterized as a "nightclub" by the news outlets that later ran reports on it.

Susanna is apparently outraged and has filed suit against TMZ, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail Online and others, claiming they sought to "sexualize" her fourth-grader by reporting on the event that Susanna herself set up with a publicist.

She says she and her daughter were actually at “a pet friendly charity event at an American bistro restaurant in New York City at 7:19 p.m. It was a private well-lit event with vendor tables and pets in attendance.”

In a statement provided to CNN, Susanna added, “After this firestorm, I quickly protected my daughter by having cease and desist orders sent to most media outlets that ran the story... I intend to clear my daughter’s name.”

For starters, she might want to remove songs with the word "sexy" from Isabella's repertoire.


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