If you bought a ticket for an event from the behemoth known as Ticketmaster between October of 1999 and October of 2011, you may be getting a bit of a credit next year.

A class action suit brought against the company in 2003 claimed it was profiting off of "processing fees" without alerting buyers that it was doing so. Now, as part of a settlement, Ticketmaster is crediting $1.50 per ticket order -- up to a max of 17 orders per person -- back to customers on future purchases.

All told, it will cost the ticketing giant $11.25 million, plus another $16 million in attorneys' fees. Any of the customer fund remaining after the four- year redemption period will be donated to charity.

But if you think those processing fees are going away, think again. Ticketmaster can still charge them -- it'll just have to tell buyers up front.

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