It's the greatest mystery since trying to determine if the Great Pumpkin actually exists.

A thief who swiped a giant pumpkin from a nine-year-old boy in York, Pennsylvania has returned it, with a note of apology.

Jaiden Newcomer had won the 100-pound pumpkin at a festival by correctly guessing its weight and placed his prize on his family's porch where someone stole it last week.

We don't know if the bandit was overwhelmed at the prospect of carving a jack-o'-lantern or worried about how to dispose of it when it started to rot, but he (or she) decided to bring it back to the porch where Jaiden's family found it after coming home from a trip.

In addition to the pumpkin, the thief left behind a note:

I'm really sorry about taking your pumpkin, it was wrong of me, you earned the pumpkin, I didn't think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest apologies."

Jaiden's mom says he's "beside himself" with glee. Here's hoping he avoids the same fate by hiding his trick-or-treating stash under lock and key when he gets home.

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