Here are some of our favorite candies that are only available from roughly the second week of January to February 15, when they are wonderfully half-price!

The Chocolate Rose

Nothing says classy like a balled-up Kleenex-shaped hunk of chocolate being wrapped in red foil and presented on a stick.

Red Hots

The little guys are cinnamon-flavored candies that are hard to find 11 months of the year, and on every store shelf the other month. Nothing says romance like your mouth being on fire! [Bonus: Check out a recipe for Red Hots Cupcakes on]


Red Lollipops (Preferably Heart-Shaped, Preferably With White Writing)

These are an old standby that used to come attached to Valentines. Most of the year you’d throw a crappy treat like a red lollipop away, but in February, you can’t cram enough of them into your mouth!


Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

Sure, you can get chocolates the rest of the year, but can you get them in a heart-shaped box? Feeling that faux-satin between your fingers as you lift the lid, which inevitably will make a trumpety fart sound as it’s being opened, makes the whole experience so much more magical.


Conversation Hearts (the Classic Valentine's Day Candy)

The rest of the year, they are just NECCO wafers, which no one seems to like, but for a few weeks, they are compressed into heart shapes, branded with flirty messages, and we can’t get enough of them!