Finally, everything you're looking for about Thanksgiving -- from the stories behind the holiday to awesome costumes to dress up your pets -- is all in one place. If you need to throw together a last-minute feast, wow dinner guests with facts about Thanksgiving or just watch a bunch of hysterical turkey attack videos, this is the guide for you.

  • 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

    By: Danny Gallagher

    This Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will sit down at the table and gawk over all the goodies they are planning to cram in their gullet. However, like all traditions based on history and passed down through the ages, its genesis and story has been morphed and changed to fit the times. To get you ready for the big day, here are a few things you might not know about Thanksgiving... READ MORE

  • Why We Eat What We Eat - Stories Behind Traditional Thanksgiving Foods

    By: Shauna Wright

    If you're like most Americans, your Thanksgiving dinner table will include at least a few basic items -- turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the like. But have you ever thought about why we eat those foods on Thanksgiving? ... READ MORE

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  • Make Thanksgiving Dinner From Scratch with This Recipe Roundup

    By: Kathy Landin

    Feeling up for a challenge this Thanksgiving? Sick of the canned cranberry sauce and the pre-made, store-bought turkey? Try cooking an entire feast for your family... from scratch! ... READ MORE

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  • Have an Off-Beat Thanksgiving Dinner with These 10 Food Items

    By: Shauna Wright

    While many Thanksgiving tables will be laden with turkey, stuffing and other more traditional fare, there’s no rule that says you have to blend in with the crowd. In fact, doing something a little different could make you the most popular chef in your social circle — so don’t be afraid to branch out... READ MORE

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  • Celebrate Thanksgiving With Tasty Turkey Cupcakes [PHOTOS]

    By: Don Deane

    Most of us will likely celebrate Thanksgiving this year with fare served in the traditional way. But one innovative chef has updated the classic holiday dinner by combining its elements to create something called a “Thanksgiving Plate Cakelette.” Check out some more creative Thanksgiving treats... READ MORE

  • 10 Thanksgiving Pie Disasters

    Ah, pie. One of the great joys of Thanksgiving…that can so easily turn to abject terror if done wrong. From burnt crusts, to terrible fillings, pie is either really good, or really, really bad. Here's ten of the worst Thanksgiving pies we've ever seen... READ MORE

  • 10 Turkey-Flavored Foods That Look Absolutely Disgusting

    By: Rose Maura Lorre

    White meat, dark meat… or Spam meat? Even the most devout Thanksgiving eaters might have a hard time swallowing these 10 turkey-flavored, truly unique and totally bizarre edibles below. Somebody please pass the (regular-flavored) Alka-Seltzer... READ MORE

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  • 5 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts to Replace the Hand-Traced Turkey [VIDEOS]

    By: Shauna Wright

    While you may be mulling dinner preparations, don't forget about the kids. They'll need something to do. So to keep those little hands busy without reducing yourself to that hand-traced turkey, here's a collection of craft projects that will keep you both entertained... READ MORE

  • 10 Awesomely Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces [PICTURES]

    By: Dan Seitz

    While you may assume that Thanksgiving is all about food, it's also a great time to show off your craft-y side. Check out 10 of our favorite creative centerpieces featuring everything from 'Star Wars' to zombies below... READ MORE

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  • 8 Weird and Wacky Thanksgiving Items From Etsy

    This Thanksgiving, let's all give thanks to online crafts, clothes and curios store For without them, we'd be deprived of the following 10 items of pure holiday kitsch... READ MORE

  • 10 Costumed Dogs Celebrating Thanksgiving [PHOTOS]

    By: Alex Zalben

    It’s time once again to give thanks, and what could we be more thankful for than awesomely ridiculous dog costumes? Oh, and the ridiculous, er, passionate owners who take Thanksgiving so seriously, they dress their canine friends up to celebrate the harvest. Here’s ten photos of dogs that just (Plymouth) rock...

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  • 10 Thanksgiving Cats To Be Thankful For

    By: Lindsay Seim

    We’re thankful for many things this Thanksgiving; loved ones, holiday traditions, the complete ‘Harry Potter’ series on Blu-ray… We’re also thankful for our furry feline friends and the heartwarming chuckles their silly, adorable antics provide. With this in mind, we give you funny Thanksgiving cats! ... READ MORE

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  • 10 Awesome Turkey Calling Videos

    By: Lindsay Seim

    Turkey hunting has been a part of American culture from the very beginning. Veteran turkey hunters of yesterday and today know that the best way to attract a hen or gobbler is to … wait for it… CALL it. We've rounded up some hilarious video clips to educate your bird brains... READ MORE

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  • When Turkeys Attack — 10 Terrifying Gobblers [VIDEOS]

    By Brendan McGinley

    Let's face it: turkeys have it pretty rough. So is it any wonder that they occasionally turn on us? Here are 10 birds clobbering humans in unfiltered turkey rage... READ MORE

  • 8 Wacky Presidential Turkey Pardon Moments [VIDEOS, PHOTOS]

    The presidential turkey pardon, an annual pre-Thanksgiving practice in which the POTUS makes a speech about the stuff we should all be thankful for and then poses for a photo-op with a live turkey before sending it off to live the rest of its life uneaten (by humans, anyway). As ludicrous as it may be, some pardons turn out even wackier than others... READ MORE

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  • 9 Towns with Tasty Thanksgiving Names

    By: Lindsay Seim

    For many people, Thanksgiving is a year-round presence as they live in towns that share their name with food items and other things related to this most delectable of holidays. For your Turkey-day amusement, here is a list of tastily-named US towns and cities that would make us hungry any day of the year... READ MORE

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