When Texas A&M announced last week it would be leaving the Big 12, it turned from an amicable split into a bad divorce in a short time. Even when it seems like the school and the conference had reached a compromise, one side finds a way to submarine the deal.

Earlier this week, the Big 12 finally put an end to speculation and sent a letter to the SEC saying the Big 12 members had "unanimously" agreed not to pursue legal action against Texas A&M and the SEC. On Tuesday, the SEC formally agreed to invite Texas A&M to join the conference.

The presidents of the SEC universities then voted unanimously to invite Texas A&M as the 13th member of the conference. Just one small problem -- Baylor and Iowa State apparently didn't get the memo that the Big 12 had "unanimously" agreed to not take legal action.

So things are on hold while Baylor University President Ken Starr weighs his options. Iowa State and Baylor are likely to be left out of a major conference if the Big 12 breaks up. They have several million reasons to fight the dissolution of the Big 12 -- which is exactly what it looks they're doing.