Have you ever wondered whether you were colorblind or just needed glasses, but you're not sure if an appointment with the eye doctor is warranted? Well, with the Vision Test App, all you need is your phone to know if you need to start trying on frames.

Brought to you by 3 Sided Cube, Vision Test provides easy, simple tests to make sure your eyesight is 20/20.


• Easy to use
• Accurate (though don't expect it to give you your needed prescription)
• Tests for colorblindness, visual acuity, astigmatism and more
• Allows you to search for an optician near you
• Offers iPhone, iPad and iPod support
• Free


• Doesn't go into detail regarding the condition of each test
• You may have to buy glasses after the results


The Vision Test App is accurate with intuitive navigation and a wide range of tests. With the add-ons of optician finding and useful information about the eyes, it's a must-download medical app for any person, whether short of sight or no.

The Vision Test App is for use with Apple products. For more information on the app and how to download, click here.


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