All things being equal, it doesn't seem terribly likely that any of us will end up frolicking on in the surf with Taylor Swift anytime soon.

Fortunately for anyone who'd like to have the chance, Taylor has been kind enough to share a few photos from her recent beach vacation.

Taylor and the rest of the girls on her Speak Now tour grabbed a few days of R&R during a recent break in their itinerary, taking a vacation on the beaches of Charleston, S.C. It's a place she says she's always wanted to visit, and she commemorated the occasion with a collection of black-and-white photos posted at her official website.

"Sometimes I work out, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I listen to music constantly, sometimes I become obsessed with a piece of advice I’m given, sometimes I want to do nothing but watch ‘Friends’ marathons, sometimes I write in my journal every night, then I’ll skip a month," Taylor explained in a message on her site. "And sometimes I take lots of pictures of what’s going on in my life. For these three days, that’s what I did. And because your niceness is why I get to take vacations, I thought I’d share them with you."

You can see the full vacation photo gallery here. Taylor and the ladies will head to Los Angeles next week, as the Speak Now tour resumes with a four-night, sold-out stand in the City of Angels.

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