The New Yorker doesn't usually devote much space to young artists or current trends, but they made an exception for Taylor Swift in their most recent issue, giving a full profile of the artist that, as they point out, has sold more albums in the last five years than any other musician.

Swift was characteristically frank in the article, offering her thoughts on life and love as a 21-year-old superstar and offering a few hints of what fans can expect to hear from her next album, due in 2012. 

After musing about her current outlook on life, which includes the discovery that it should be "about achieving contentment ... you're not always going to be ridiculously happy," Swift talked about how those ideas have filtered into the 10 songs she's written for her upcoming release.

"They're sad, if I'm being honest," she admitted, saying that one recent song in particular "is about moving on."

While Swift's fans wait to hear those new songs, they can content themselves with the upcoming live CD/DVD set, 'Speak Now World Tour - Live,' due November 21, as well as a two-hour behind-the-scenes concert DVD, 'Journey to Fearless,' which is scheduled for an October 11 release.

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