Taylor Swift's status as one of the music industry's most fashion-forward young stars was reconfirmed last month, when she took home the Teen Choice Award for Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Female. So, it's only natural that, in a recent interview with Allure, she was asked to share some of her secrets for looking her best.

Swift opened up to the magazine, offering a few tips from her daily routine that could help readers looking for hair and makeup advice.

On which styling products she uses on her hair: “My hair is naturally curly, so it’s a lot easier to just let it be. I’m scared to death of it feeling crunchy.”

On her secret hair weapon -- the curling iron: “For shows and events, I’ll recurl pieces with a spiral curling iron [3/4-inch] so my hair looks smoother.”

On how she fixes a bad hair day: “The best way to turn around a bad hair day is to put your hair in a side braid.”

On the one makeup item she never leaves out: “I love red lipstick. If I’m too lazy to do anything else makeup wise, red lipstick is my one step.”

On taking care of her skin: “I put on night cream before I go to bed and every morning before makeup.”

On how she applies her lipstick: “Put on a layer, blot with a tissue, put on another layer, blot again. Finally, place tissue over lips and powder.”

On her eye makeup method: “When drawing, imagine a line extending from your bottom lid upward and use it as a guide for the eyeliner ‘flick.’”

Something she's learned from having her makeup done professionally: “I’ve been surprised to see how many professional makeup artists use their fingertips to apply foundation.”

On her favorite fragrance: “I love vanilla … the warmth of it. I also love the berries in my new fragrance ['Wonderstruck'].”

Recalling her mom’s best advice: “Trust your intuition. She always told me that.”

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