Tara Reid may have just set a land-speed record for nuptials -- and confusing ones, at that.

At noon eastern on Saturday, the 'American Pie' actress, 35, who's been vacationing in Greece, tweeted, "I just got engaged!"

Less than thirty minutes later, she returned to Twitter and posted, "Greece married!" A few follow-up tweets confirmed that, yes, she had in fact married boyfriend Zack Kehayov, whom she's only been dating a few months.

There was some confusion as media outlets -- and Reid's own representative -- initially reported the groom was Danish businessman Michael Lilleund, who was her boyfriend late last year. But after Reid tweeted her new husband's actual name and a photo of her ring, Lilleund told Starlounge, "If she has married, then she hasn’t married me, that’s for sure. I haven’t spoken to her since February ... I’m in a new relationship, and I’m with [my new girlfriend] as we speak."


Saturday was a busy day for celebrity weddings -- both 'The View' co-host Sherri Shepherd and 'Dancing with the Stars' co-host Brooke Burke tied the knot with their respective partners as well.

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